Pink Elephant IFRAD

Pink Elephant IFRAD

IFRAD Foundation was founded in 2004 for all those involved on researching Alzheimer and who will have a platform for knowledge exchange with shared databases and a unique center of biological resources.

For the occasion of the seventh IFRAD Foundation Gala (September 21, 2011) at the Opera Comique in Paris, the foundation requested AIR3D the creation of a inflatable pink elephant.

IFRAD Foundation welcomed guests to the event with an elephant (considered one of the terrestrial mammals with the largest memory) with an inscription on the back ” La mémoire ça ne trompe pas ” (memory does not deceive, which is also a wordplay in French).

The inflatable:

Made in high tenacity polyamide and PVC coated (since it needs to be exposed outside), measuring 3m height and 4.5m long.

Its inflation system by continuous air turbine allows quick and easy installation (in less than 60 seconds the elephant is totally inflated).